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Thoughts On Life and Death

by Brian Mills

Satan, like a skillful fisherman, baits his hook according to the appetite of the fish! ~  ~  ~  ~ Half our virtue arises from our being out of the way of temptation! ~  ~  ~  ~ No man more truly loves God, than he who is most fearful to offend Him. ~  ~  ~  ~ […]

Church Entertainment

by Brian Mills

Whatever means you use to get people into the church is precisely what you must use to keep them. If you get them with a ‘religious circus’, then you must keep the circus going–keep up the entertainment. If you get them with biblical preaching and teaching, then that will keep them and you will not need […]

God Hems Me In

by Brian Mills

“Blessed be the LORD, who has . . . restrained His servant from doing evil.” –1 Samuel 25:39 Even when my heart is resolute in its pursuit of iniquity, God hampers and hinders its unholy determination. Mercifully, that He may halt me in my fatal course–He raises one barrier after another. For example, there is His […]