Thanks for visiting our site, we are grateful you are interested in our church!  Metro Baptist Church is a conservative Baptist Church.  Our worship services  feature primarily expository preaching and teaching and utilize traditional music with choir and hymn singing.  We like to say that we are “traditional on purpose”, not just because some churches have “always done it that way” but because the holy God Who is Sovereign over all things should be approached with reverence and Godly fear (Heb. 12:28-29).   The church of today has often become an entertainment center, where men’s talents are displayed and where the goal is to please people.  Worship then becomes less about God and more about feelings, emotional hype and amusement.  We believe that the focus of all worship is a right view of God, centered on what pleases Him and gives honor to His name.  We invite you to join us, where you’ll find a warm, friendly fellowship.