Kids4Truth is our Wednesday evening program designed for kids from kindergarten through junior high. It runs basically during the school year from mid-August through the first of May. Each evening begins at 7:00 pm and ends at 8:15 p.m.

Based on teaching 12 doctrines in a 2 year period, this program incorporates Bible memorization, question and answer periods, game time and devotions. Each week the children learn a doctrine about God, along with a Scripture verse that reinforces the truth that’s been taught. While each level has a different degree of learning, each club learns the same doctrinal question and answer along with a Bible verse.

The kids enjoy these Wednesday nights, and there are a variety of “club nights” where special events are held. A child may join the club at any time during the year, and visitors are more than welcome. We hope you’ll want your children to be a part of Kids4Truth where they’ll learn, grow and have a great time.